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Writing Mistakes to Avoid Like the Plague

Here are a few words and phrases that are commonly misused in writing. Avoid these mistakes for a better writing style.
  1. Thru This is used for street signs and advertisements, but use through in formal writing.
  2. Necessitate I cannot imagine a situation that would necessitate using this word.
  3. And also Call the Department of Redundancy Department on this one. One or the other will often suffice.
  4. Of It is not could of, would of, should of but could have, would have, should have.
  5. Try and You never try and do something. You try to do something.
  6. Thusly How ugly. Substitute thus or therefore instead.
  7. Firstly, secondly, thirdly. Do not use the adverb forms. First, second, and third are correct.
  8. He/she is a clunky way to avoid gender bias in writing. Alternate he or she or pluralize (where appropriate).
  9. Very, really, quite (and other intensifiers) Mark Twain suggested replacing these words with expletives so your editor will remove them and leave you with a better sentence. Cut out the middle man and just remove them yourself.
  10. Interesting Here is one of the most boring words in the English language. Show why something is interesting instead of just saying that it is.
  11. And/or Unless you are writing a legal brief or opinion, you can get away with using one or the other.

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