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What Are Praises and Rewards?

Praise is a form of reward that includes positive and encouraging words. Rewards are a form of benefit that can encourage certain favorable actions. Both are great confidence boosters, that will allow your child to be more comfortable in school, and that help them make better choices in life. This is why The Tutoring Center in Glendale wants to share some information on the right ways to praise and reward your child.

How to Reward the Right Actions

It is not always necessary to reward your child, and there is a difference between the things they should do because it is their responsibility, and the extra things they do that reward worthy. However, when they  are younger it can help them understand the benefits of their positive actions.  Also, praises or benefits do not have to be monetary or long words. Small incentives or encouraging phrases are usually enough to create a strong impact throughout their life. The way that praise and rewards work is that they tap into the unconscious part of their minds that is in charge of choice making and helps them make choices based on the positive or negative reaction they experienced when they made a similar decision.

Things You Should Do to Praise Your Child

  • Praise your child by using positive words. Use words such as, ¨good job on your homework¨, or ¨I´m so proud that I did not have to remind you to clean your room.¨  Use words that let them know that what they are doing is a good action and a benefit to them as well.
  • Reward your child with fun activities. Although it is important to use positive words it is even more important to notice their actions and to take the time to reward them when they do something outstanding. Rewards do not have to be expensive things, the most significant rewards can be your actions, such as allowing them to make a fun choice. This can be things such as letting them choose what meal you prepare for them next, or letting them pick the movie when you go to the movies. You can even have a fun activities that can lead to educational moments such as those we discuss in our Balancing Educational Momentum post.
  • Encourage them to make good choices. Another great way to reward or praise your child is by allowing them to make more gratifying choices. Explain to them that because you are so proud that they made the right choice regarding something more serious then they can now be allowed to make more choices that are fun or rewarding. It can be small actions that allow you to spend time with them. Such as letting them pick a movie for both of you to watch together, or where you should both go out for ice cream, or even how they spend their free time after doing homework. These choices and rewards also allow them to work harder to be more responsible and be able to obtain the freedom to make more choices because they demonstrate to make the right decisions.
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