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Help Avoiding Spelling Mistakes

When you know these words, you will find them misused all over the place. Try the mnemonic devices we suggest, or others that work better for you, so you can avoid making these mistakes.

Cereal vs Serial

"Cereal" is what you eat in the morning. "Serial" means in a series, a story told in installments.


"Data" comes from Latin and means "bits of information." The "bits" part of the definition means that it is plural. "These data are intriguing," may sound odd, but it is correct. If you are referring to one piece of information, the singular form is "datum."

To, Too, & Two

Remember that "too" has an extra "o" that is "also" included. "Two" is a number and "to" is short for "toward."

Board vs Bored

A "board" is a noun as in a piece of wood or a deciding body. "Bored" is an adjective that means lacking interest. "Bored" ends in "-ed" to help remind you that it is an adjective and not a noun.

Disburse vs Disperse

"Disburse" means to distribute money while to "disperse" means to distribute anything else. Remember that if you are talking about anything financial to use "disburse."

Adverse vs Averse

"Adverse" is unfavorable while "averse" means seeking to avoid. They are similar in meaning, but not the same. Remember that D is averse to adverse situations.

Hear vs Here

There is an "ear" in "hear" because it means to listen. "Here" is 80% of "where" to represent a place.

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